Housing and retail construction in DFW is expanding exponentially but the supply for custom tempered glass product is not keeping pace. Legacy will fix that.

Legacy Glass will focus on two main groups of customers. The first, and primary, target are local glass and contracting shops. This is the main group of people that need to have the fast, high-quality, glass that we can and will provide. We are fully up and running and ready to make a difference in the DFW market.

Manufacturing and Industry in the USA isn’t dead!

The time is right to inject the skills, processes, and culture of the digital era into the frozen business sectors of our country. What did die in the U.S. was our passion to be a “maker of things”. We somehow thought it was uncool and should be done somewhere else by some other group of people. Starting with the Baby Boomers “good” work was office work; administrative and clean. Work that required a name tag on your shirt or lava soap next to your sink was unwanted. My generation, Gen X, made it even worse. Our disdain for manufacturing can best be summed up by a John Cusack quote from “Say Anything where Lloyd Dobler says to the father of his girlfriend “I don’t want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. I don’t want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed.”

“The rumors of the demise of the U.S. manufacturing industry are greatly exaggerated” – Elon Musk

This is not the country Jake and I want to live in, or have our kids grow up in. A country that creates nothing, sells nothing, and stands for nothing, will eventually amount to nothing. We believe that most of the social and political ails of this country could be solved by giving good people good jobs. Jobs where they can actually use their innate skills of making and fixing things and in return be paid well enough, including health care, so that they can make their passion into their career.


Like all good business ideas the idea for Legacy Glass originated from a real problem in the industry. Jake, the owner of Apple Glass, could not get reliable product in a timely manner. From 2013-2016 the problem was only getting worse. He thought a new, more modern, company was needed in DFW for glass fabrication.

Around the same time Troy was looking for a way to take business and IT skills from Silicon Valley and apply them to another industry where they could have a greater impact.

By 2017 the idea matured into a plan and in 2019 we are RUNNING!


We love our employees here at Legacy and ……..